Guess What I’m Doing Tonight

Anxiety: Here we go.

Here we go.  Bring it on.  (Not really taunting you anxiety!  Go away!)

Volleyball games start next week.  Tuesday evening I will be sitting in those big blasted bleachers.  I will be thoroughly medicated.  Ativan is my friend:)  I need to have a good, uneventful start so I can stand to sit through countless game  for the next few months.  A bad start would be…well, bad.

And I already have my assignments for the band parent concession booth at the football games.  It doesn’t freak me out either.  Hallelujah!

Working the Concession Booth – Still Anxiety Free :)

Today I worked in the concession booth at the baseball field for a few hours.  I am happy to report that it was a drama free / anxiety free experience.  THANK YOU LORD!   I am thrilled that I still have that conquered.  Last year during football season I worked hard to beat that fear in the concession booth at the football games.

AND lol… guess who worked it with me?  My What If Guy!  And his wife too.  Ha.  When he showed up my first reaction was “Oh crap!” cuz I thought I’d be uncomfortable.  And I also was thinking that hubby would be jealous and stupid.  But I talked it out with myself…. in my head of course, while making a gazillion fried oreos.  (Yuk for the grease factor but wow those things are a hit with the kids – we sold so many!)  I decided I wasn’t gonna feel bad about it or be nervous about it and I do not have to answer to my hubby about being in the same location as an old boyfriend.  It wasn’t planned, it was innocent and that is life.  And then I felt better and had a few laughs with my former dream guy.

A little baseball brag…..  Kid3’s team had an awesome regular season.  Their record was 14-2.  They won big most of the time too.  Word has been getting around how good they are and we have teams from farther away that are not in our usual league that have been wanting to play us.  So now All-Stars tournaments have begun – and his team is even better than the regular season team because they pick the top players from all our teams to form the all-stars team….

We’ve played 2 teams this weekend that we have never played before – from much larger towns, who entered our tournament to give us some competition and, as one of the team’s coaches said it, “Put us back in our place .”  Ha Ha.  It’s not over, but we have played 3 games so far and have won 16-1,  12-1, and then last night 14-1.  And the team we played last night were the cocky ones that we were very worried about playing.  I truly didn’t expect to beat them by that much!

Kid 3 had some good hits last night, one REALLY great hit – that only got him to 2nd but brought in 2 runs.  Oh and he caught a pop up and got an out that way :)  They all played so well tonight!  The tournament’s not over, we play at least 2 more games but it’s so much fun!


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