Doctor Appointment Rescheduled :(

Well the roads were a sheet of ice this morning. It took hubby almost an hour longer to get home today than normal.  And he had some scares.  It takes a lot to scare that man – especially when it comes to driving cuz he thinks he is invincible.  And then schools were closed so the kids are home again.

Looks like they will clear up this afternoon, but that doesn’t help me for my 10:00 appointment.  I actually wanted to go today too so I could talk to her about changing medicine.  So now it’s been rescheduled for the 28th.  OK then.  I will continue on.

They did call in an ativan refill for me thankfully though.

Have a good day everyone!


And I just called them back, asking if they had any cancellations this afternoon because I think the roads are going to clear up here soon.  She said no, but she made a note to call me if there were any cancellations today or Friday.  I told her it could be a shorter appointment slot cause we could skip the yearly gyne exam part :) – I mainly wanted to just talk to her about changing my medication.  We’ll see.  It’d be nice if they called with a cancellation today.  I really really want to get this over with and try something new.

Thank You Lord for…. Sleet!

Yep, sleet and icy roads got me out of my doctor’s appointment this morning.  School was cancelled and the roads were slick.  The appointment has been changed.  Woo hoo!

Deep Breathing Today, Getting Ready for Tomorrow.

Hi.  I’m doing lots of deep breathing today – in anticipation of things I’m dreading tomorrow. :(

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment.  It’s a checkup and a gyne appointment.  Yuck yuck yuck!  I hate going to the doc anyway, add the 2nd part and I REALLY hate it.  And last time I was there they told me to schedule a mammogram and I never got up the nerve so I didn’t do it.  I’m sure they’ll be on my case about that too.

I will go to the appointment even though I don’t want to at all!  And to make it worse, I know I’m up about 5 pounds since last year too.  I don’t even want to see those numbers on the scale!  I hate being weighed on the awesome scale there in the hallway!  doesn’t everyone??  Ugh.

Assuming I make it through that alive, the pinewood derby for the cub scouts is tomorrow night.  Never been to one before.  It’s in the high school cafeteria which isn’t my favorite place to be (this is where the grade school awards assemblies always are).  Just nervous I guess.  I think nervous is ok, normal people get nervous right?  This one isn’t that big of a deal really, just something different and I don’t know what to expect – which I don’t like.

It’ll be fine, just on my mind today.

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