Letting Go of a Grudge

Oh!  And here is something else I’ve been wanting to tell my blog friends…

Remember my hubby is the king of holding grudges?  Remember that he wouldn’t go to his sister’s house for years (5  I think) because he stuck his nose in an argument his sister had with his parents and then decided to hold a grudge against her?

Well Easter dinner was at sister’s house this year.  He said a few swear words when he heard that was where it was going to be.  But he didn’t say he wasn’t going until about 10 minutes before it was time to go.  I just brushed it off and told him to get ready.  And he did.

While dinner was still begin prepared, the kids all wanted to go see the new baby goats.  They were only a few days old.  So they ran out to the barn.  I followed and then sent kid3 back to get his dad.  I said tell him you want to show him the goats.  He did and hubby came out to the barn.  For the first time ever!

When I went back in the house to help sis-in-law in the kitchen, she asked where hubby was.  I told her he was out at the barn.  She look shocked and thrilled.  Her eyes teared up and she said she didn’t think he would come.

I told hubby that later.  I think it may have hit him in the heart a little.  I hope it did.

An Easter Gift?

Tonight after we got back from Easter dinner with hubby’s family, everyone was hanging out in the kitchen gabbing about the day while I washed dishes.   I heard hubby quietly tell the kids to go get ready they were making a Wal-mart run.  Kid2 asked why and he said cuz he “didn’t get your mother anything for Easter yet.”

They all scattered to go get ready and I said – “I think you just said you were going to get me something for Easter?  He said yea.  I told him I didn’t get him anything, just the Easter bunny brings stuff for the baskets.  He has stuff for mine too.

He said “Oh Good!” with such relief.  Then he said he was going to have a beer then and watch some tv. LOL

It was funny because he looked exhausted and I could tell that just the thought of going to Walmart right then was the last thing he wanted to do.  He looked so forlorn!  Not a word I use often but it suits perfectly!  LOL

It is so nice that it occurred to him.

It’s also a little strange.  I don’t need an Easter gift, we’ve never done that.  I told him it was sweet that he thought of it but it wasn’t necessary.

Gift-giving occasions have caused a lot of tension and hurt feelings in this house.  This made me feel like he was really working on it though and wanted to make me happy.  It was sweet, very sweet.  It’s the  thought that counts anyway right?

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