Summer is going WAY too fast

Life has been busy as usual.  Summer is going WAY too fast.

I will probably babble way too much and this will be way too long.  It’s been way too long since I had a chance to type it all out. :)

Of course baseball has kept up moving with Kid3 on the allstars team.  It keeps us busy but is also lots of fun.
Kid3 is actually not playing at the moment.  Back on June 20th he got hit with a ball in the chest – off to the side.  That was healing up but then he hurt himself at home trying to be a He-Man by moving our very heavy firepit himself and I think he pulled a muscle on the same side?  I really don’t know – perhaps it was weak there because it was bruised already?  He had been having a hard time hitting at the games and striking out way more than normal.  He said it hurt to swing the bat.  Well with the tournaments – you have game after game after game.  During one game – the 4th in 3 days – he actually cried.  I didn’t know he was crying or I’d have gone to get him.  Crazy coach made him bat anyway – even though he told him his chest hurt – and he was crying.  Kid3 had already struck out 3 times that game, they were losing and it was the last inning.  He was a nervous wreck anyway.  He said the other team’s catcher was even saying to him “It’s OK batter, It’s OK.”  AWE!  I hope to see that team again soon and thank that little kid (or his mother) for being so kind!!!  ANYWAY…. he hit the ball, it hit the fence, he brought in 3 runs and they won the game – all in a matter of seconds.  So exciting!

I was not as excited when I found out he was hurting.  The next day I took him to the doctor who thought he must have a fractured rib.  He had a chest x-ray.  Nothing is broken or fractured thank heavens but he is not supposed to play until he is healed up, which just takes time and is a miserable thing for these boys to accept.  These boys = Kid3, hubby, crazy coach, teammates…..  seems the only people that agree with me that we should listen to the doctor are the moms!  Surprise, huh?  ha.

We hosted a 4th of July party – the weekend after the 4th with my side of the family.  It was awesome. I had so much fun and hope to do that more often.  My dad spent way too much on fireworks but we enjoyed them all.  We all hung out on our new porch, the kids jumped on the trampoline, we swam in Grammy’s pool, we roasted marshmallows at the firepit, we played frisbee with glow sticks in the dark , they caught lightning bugs, everyone stayed WAY too long and late.  Fun!  It was almost just how I pictured it with our new porch.  If we ever get the hot tub working it will be even better :)
Hubby complained about it beforehand and while setting up for it – but was on his best behavior during the party.  He was wonderful and participated in the conversations, cooked on the grill, and even played frisbee with the kids.  Yay :)

He did get terribly annoyed about the people constantly going in and out of the house since we had the air conditioning running.  (We just have window air conditioners.)  I kept telling him “Let it go please.”  Finally I think he did.  Or at least he quit glaring at me every time someone forgot to close the door.  All in all, it was a good night and he agreed we should do it again next year.

What else?  We have been trying to go on a day trip at least once a week.  Me & the kids.  We go to the lake or somewhere like that – fun and free – and hang out with the cousins all day.  Summer is going way too fast!  I am trying to work and not getting as much done as I like – but the kids still complain that mom always has to work.  Ugh.  That part sucks and yes it does seem like I am always in this office.  Yesterday I stayed home from the ballgames – planning to work ALL day.  Guess what – our internet went out – then it was on & off all afternoon.  I gave up and watched a movie.

Hubby came home after the first game – he had to work last night so he wouldn’t be able to stay for the whole second game anyway – the kids stayed there with Grammy & Pappy.  So we watched an adult movie together.  lol  Not an adult movie like that.  We watched “The Change Up.”  Wow.  Most movies I see are PG or PG-13.  Maybe this was R – it said NR though when I checked.  The F word and boobies and sex and oh my.  lol  Guess I’m so used to family movies these days – I was a bit shocked.   It was a nice break from our to-do list though.

It’s weird how much I used the phrase “way too” in this post.  It wasn’t planned and probably a bit annoying.  Guess what?  I’m way too tired to care.


Our Side Porch: Roof Construction

Combining past posts about the side porch into one….

We’ve wanted to build a side porch for quite a while now.  Hubby is the king of procrastination when it comes to home improvement projects.  He’s not lazy.  He’s a perfectionist.  He gets “paralyzed by perfection”.  What I mean by that is he has to have it all completely figured out in his head before he starts a project.  And being a perfectionist, having the perfect plan is important and almost impossible.

We decided last winter that we were going to finally build a side porch this summer.  I started dreaming of a hot tub.

We lived in a trailer for 2 years while we saved money & built our house on this property.  The side porch that we had was the old porch from our trailer.  It was supposed to be temporary.   That was 12 years ago.  lol  It is ugly & falling apart.  (And it won’t hold a hot tub!)

Before Pic - Side Porch

So we got an estimate for the cement base and once we got over our initial sticker shock, they got started.


So then we got estimates for a roof.  People are insane.  Seriously!  One was $6800 and the other estimate was $7300.  For a roof.  Umm…. no.  I don’t know what the heck they were planning to do for all the money.  We want a simple roof.  So now we are doing it ourselves.  Those prices sure motivated hubby let me tell you!  lol  My father-in-law had back surgery a few months ago and is still having a lot of pain.  He is normally the one that would do this type of stuff with hubby.  I told him I would help of course.  I’m a country girl – I can stand on a ladder and use a drill.  So that is what we have been doing.  I even put a few lag bolts in yesterday.  :)   If we hadn’t started getting along, I can tell you for sure that we would not be tackling this project together.  That is for certain!  It’s been going pretty well.  Kids even helped yesterday and were quite proud.

Porch Roof Construction 10/14/11

Yes, that is a hot tub on the porch :)  It is not hooked up yet.  We bought it used, scrubbed it out good, hooked it up and there were a bunch of leaks.  Ha.  Hubby ordered new gaskets etc and now it is just waiting for him to have time.  The roof has taken priority.  He said there is no way he could sit  in the hot tub and relax while looking at the unfinished porch work waiting for him.

I am thrilled that we are actually doing this.  It’s been in our plan for several years now.  Picture the finished porch….  Roof, Hot tub, Grill, Table, Chairs, Candles, Friend, Family, Good Food, Wine :)

We have a fire pit in another part of our yard that we plan to move near the porch also.  We spend a lot of time at the fire pit on summer evenings.  I think we are going to give away a swing set that the kids have outgrown and put it there.  So exciting!

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Side Porch Update

Continued from Side Porch Progress……

8/10/11 – Getting there :)

Porch in progress...

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Side Porch Progress

We decided this past winter that we were going to finally build a side porch this summer.  I started dreaming of a hot tub.

Often, my hubby has great plans, but he gets stuck.  Things don’t get done because he over-thinks it to death.  He is paralyzed by perfection.  I think I stole that phrase from Flylady.  Another reason things don’t get done is because this house is not his priority. Tractors are his time-stealing hobby.

We lived in a trailer for 2 years while we saved money & built our house on this property.  The side porch that we have now was the old porch from our trailer.  It was supposed to be temporary.   That was 12 years ago.  lol  It is ugly & falling apart.  (And it won’t hold a hot tub!)

We talked and actually agreed without a big disagreement about how we want it.  Concrete base with a roof.  Not fancy, but big and functional.  He wants it to be a raised porch because “when we are old we won’t want to be fighting the stairs to get out to our porch”.  Awe.  I don’t care if it is raised or if we have to walk down stairs to get to it.  I just want a nice side porch where we can have our hot tub, a grill, a nice big table, etc.  I want our firepit nearby so it can be a great place to get-together with friends…..  I do need a roof or we won’t use it nearly as much cuz we’ll be sweating to death under the sun.  I hate to be hot.

I asked him several weeks if it could be done by the end of June so we could enjoy it all summer.  I wanted to put some sort of timeline out there so it would not just be another project that got put off.  Well it won’t be done by the end of June.  But the first step has been taken.

6/20/11 – He called to get an estimate for the block-laying / cement pouring.  Do not actually have an estimate yet.  But he called them.  Yay.

6/21/11 – Contractor called us and left message to call him back.

6/22/11 – I called them back.  They came to the house and measured & talked to hubby about the project.  Will get back to us with an estimate.

6/28/11 – Still waiting for estimate.  :(

6/29/11 – Got the estimate today.  Umm… will have to let that sink in a while. lol  Of course it is more than we were expecting it to be.  Yikes! Now hubby says if we have to spend this much for just the base, there will be no roof this year.  I really want a roof this year.  I have dreams of relaxing in the hot tub  this winter while it snows all around me.  Around me, not on me!  Ha.  Hopefully we can make it work.

7/15/11 – Still waiting.  We are now waiting for them to give us a start date.  We are on their list.  Getting there I guess??

7/25/1 – I talked to them last week.  They were gonna call us with a start date by Friday.  It’s Monday.  Still no start date.  I think they are stalling because of the heat wave.  Can’t say I blame them for not wanting to work in 100 degree weather but I wish they’d get back to me!

7/29/11 – They started digging!  Yea!  I am so excited.  We had a big ole thunderstorm roll through and they dropped everything and cleared out after only being here about 2 hours…. they’ll be back, right?  RIGHT?

Before Pic:

Before Pic - Side Porch

Continued….Side Porch Update

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