Weekend Here I Come

If you read the comments on my last post, you know I didn’t go to the camp with my family.  I don’t like it.  They do.  I decided to worry about me for a change and do what I needed to do for my sanity.

Tonight I have been running around like a looney doing dishes and laundry and all that stuff.  I’m going to read a few blogs, eat some ice cream, watch some TV and got to bed.  It is community yard sale days in town and my BFF talked me into coming in for a while in the morning so I have to be up early at 6am.

I’m just taking a few things to the yard sale cuz I didn’t have time to get a bunch of stuff together.  Mainly I am going to keep her company and so we can hang out a while.  Of course I want to be busy so we can sell our crap, but it’ll be just fine if we just sit and gab for a few hours too!

Then I’ll come home and get busy working.

After they left tonight I went to the store for a few splurges.  I bought a small container of chocolate milk, some Bing cherries, a pint of ice cream, a quart of strawberries, and some dark chocolate, and a bag of pretzels.  I love cruched up pretzels on my ice cream!   Oh, and a thin crust  spinach and 4 cheese pizza that I love and no one else ever does :)

I’m going to relax a bit tonight, socialize a bit in the morning, and then be a busy bee the rest of the weekend.  I will get a bunch of work done for my job of course but I got a few boxes and plan to start decluttering at high speed too.  lol  I’m sick of this feeling overwhelmed and the clutter around me is growing and making it worse!


My New Happy Place

I’ve been working a lot and feeling rushed all day long.  I try to get a much done as possible while the kids are at school so I can hang out with them in the evenings.  When the weather is icky I drive to the end of the driveway and sit there and wait for the bus.  And of course the weather has been crazy.  Yesterday when I was sitting there waiting, it hit me that this was the most relaxing time of my day!  I am completely unplugged.  Sometimes I take a magazine.  Sometimes I take nail polish.  Sometime I even pluck my eyebrows in the rear view mirror!  The time that the bus gets there varies quite a bit so I just go and sit and wait.  And it is so relaxing!

My New Happy Place

Sitting in my car :)

Girl’s Weekend

This weekend the boys went to the camp.

We had a very peaceful, calm girls weekend.  And I actually had some nice down time all by myself too.  It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’ve had quiet time!  It’s like you can actually think.  Ha.  I’m sure all moms know what I’m talking about!

Friday night my girls went to the football game.  They are both in the band and it was an away game so I didn’t go.  It.  was.  awesome.  lol

I caught up on work, made myself a toasted cheese sandwich, watched a few reruns of Friends, decluttered a junk pile in the basement….  I’m so much fun aren’t I?  Ha!  Oh – and another mom was bringing my girls home.  So I drank schnapps.

I wondered if I should be worried that I was so excited to be alone and be able to drink schnapps too.  Then I decided I didn’t care and had some more. :)  I hardly ever drink so it was fine.  I guess I will always over think it though since my dad is an alcoholic.

We all hung out Saturday and then I took Kid2 to a friends house to help babysit – her first ever babysitting job.  She was thrilled that she got paid!  Kid1  invited a friend over but she couldn’t come so she helped me paint the hallway.  We had fun and I think the calm house did her wonders too.  She was easy going and happy to help.  She is usually quite the opposite!

Then she watched TV and I wasted time on Pinterest.  Not very exciting at all – but just what we needed!

The boys are back now and laundry is going, I’m going to go help stack wood and then we have to get homework done and catch up on cub scout stuff that is due Tuesday.  Then I’ll have to cook, and fight with Kid3 to take a shower and…. you get the idea.  Back to the busy-ness that fills our days.

It was a GREAT weekend.  THANK YOU LORD.

Lazy Weekend

I had the house to myself for the weekend.  Wonderful.

Usually I get a lot of work done and a lot crossed off my to do list when they go to the camp.

That didn’t happen this weekend.  I didn’t do much.  At all.  I read, I watched TV, I made lasagna…  I didn’t eat much junk food at all though and I’m happy about that.  I opened the cookies and ate most of the mixed nuts I bought – that was really it.

I think my brain just needed a break.  Plus I had cramps that were not fun.  I didn’t feel like doing anything and I felt guilty about that cuz I was watching the clock tick away and felt like I was waiting this precious free time.

Wow I was lazy this weekend!  I watched ’17 again’ with Zac Efron in it last night.  I watched it twice.  I had not seen it before and it really got to me.  It’s about being miserable with how your life turned out and getting a do-over.  I can relate. And he’s pretty nice to look at too :)

I have a tendency to hyper-focus on things and am embarrassed to admit that I watched it again this morning – altho I did fast forward thru it and just watched the better parts.  If they don’t get home soon I may just watch it again!

Also this weekend I was trying to buy a used laptop.  I answered a for sale ad and then emailed back & forth with the lady all weekend – trying to set up a time to meet with her so I could see it.   That’s it’s own story.


Everyone is home now.  Kids are in bed.  Hubby left for work.  They had a great time.  Kid3 told me it would have been more fun if I had been there.  AWE!  I promised I’d go next time. They saw deer, elk, a neighbor shot a rattlesnake and cooked it up.  Kid3 said it tasted like chicken.  My girls refused to try it.  Ha.  Don’t blame them!  They went fishing and kid3 said he caught “like 30 fish!”.  Kid2 whispered to me that they were tiny and she thinks it may have been the same one or two repeatedly.  She said “Fish are dumb aren’t they?”  lol  Kid1 was most excited about the clothes she got at a yard sale they stopped at on the way there.  That was her highlight.  Ha!

They made up their Father’s Day gift and gave it to him right before he left for work tonight.  I found the idea on pinterest.  It’s neat.

Source: http://blog.bitsofeverything.com/2011/06/fathers-day-ideas.html

I’ll sleep well tonight,  My babies are home :)


I’m Off-Duty!

This is what happens when I have the house to myself for the weekend, have PMS, and go to the dollar store for laundry detergent.

Not good. Not good at all.

Hubby and kids went to “the camp” for the weekend with his family.  It’s about 1.5 hours away.  They love it.  Me, not so much.  There are tons of relatives that I already see pretty much daily, and everyone tries to squeeze into the trailer on the lot.  Hubby’s mom is all about cooking tons and providing a feast for every meal.  I always feel obligated to help in the kitchen.  Or feel guilty because that is what the women in this family do.  And it drives me crazy.  Not only do I not like cooking nearly as much as they do – it’s a small kitchen and very chaotic.  These trips are never relaxing for me.  Never.  I don’t usually go now when they go.  I get there about once a year.  They go 2-3 times a year I guess.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have some off-duty time!  Just time to myself.  With no expectations from anyone.  Ahhh.  Bliss.

At the same time I got teary-eyed as they drove away – I miss my kiddos already!

I’m going to enjoy the peace and quiet, lay on the couch, watch movies, and eat stuff I shouldn’t.

Ummm.  No.

I made myself a to-do list that is a mile long.  Ha.  When they go away like this I usually tackle big cleaning/de-cluttering projects.  And I have tons of paid work waiting for me too.

But I did start my break out right – I read a book most of the afternoon.  Yep.  A book for fun, not work!  So exciting!  lol

Peace & Quiet

Today is one of those rare days that happens once every month or so.  Hubby is at an auction, kids are all at school and I have the house to myself.

Ahhhh.  Peace & Quiet  :)

I had an appointment scheduled with the guidance counselor to discuss Kid1’s classes for next year.  Apparently this is something you do before 9th grade.  The appointment was at 10am.  I even took my ativan already so I’d be prepared.

Guess what?!  I just called and changed it.  And not because I’m all anxious about it either! I am a little anxious (teacher conference panic attack flashback!)  – but that is not why.  I was sitting on the porch, sipping my one cup of coffee for the day, enjoying the sunshine and decided I was going to take a time out for me!  Yep, just for me.

SO I called the school and rescheduled it for tomorrow afternoon.  It’s very strange how very much this makes me smile!  lol

I do have a few must-do’s on my work schedule – so I plan to go get those done as quickly as possible, then have a nice long shower, and then maybe even sit on the porch and read a book on my new kindle.  Sounds like an awesome plan to me.

Image Source: http://tracys-trinkets-treasures.blogspot.com/2012_04_01_archive.html

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