Hubby is Wearing His Wedding Ring :)

Yesterday morning hubby took his wedding ring to the jewelery store where we bought it 18 years ago and had it re-sized.  And he is wearing right now!

It makes me smile!

It is actually still a little tight so we’ll see what happens, he may have to take it back and have it done again – they just used that ring sizer and the little hammer today to stretch it a little.  I think he may have to take it back and pay some money and have them actually make the band larger.

Anyway…. I am thrilled that he finally did this.  During our “talk” on Tuesday I brought it up and said that he said he was going to do it a long time ago and he still hadn’t. He said he was going to, he just hasn’t had time.  I said that if it was a priority then he would have made time and blah blah blah.

He went this morning, and didn’t even tell me.  And then Kid2 noticed it at supper and said “Dad!  You’re wearing your bling!” and that is when I saw it too.  (He had been asleep until the kids woke him up for dinner. )

It makes me smile because he knows it is important to me and that is why he did it.  And that is awesome.

His Wedding Ring

I put his wedding ring on his finger this morning.

He was laying on the couch watching the news.  I got the ring from his dresser, went to the living room, and put it on his finger.

Hubby:  “Really?”

Me:  “Yes.  It is a small change that will make a big difference.”

Hubby: “I’ll have to take it off before I go to work.”

Me:   “Yea and then you can put it back on after work.”

And that was that.  He wore it the rest of the day.

After dinner when we were the only two left sitting at the table I said “I hope you aren’t hating wearing that too much cuz it kinda makes me hot for ya.”

He thought that was hilarious.

He wore it to the baseball game tonight.

I really really loved seeing it on his hand.  I really really hope he puts it back on tomorrow.

Dear Hubby: Wear Your Ring

Dear Hubby,

I want you to wear your wedding ring.

I understand that you don’t want to wear it at work.  But you can wear it when you aren’t there.  You can remember to take your wallet out of your pocket when you come home and change. You can remember to take your phone with you when you leave the house.  You can remember to brush your teeth everyday.  You can remember your chew.  You can remember everything I ever did wrong.

Seems like it’d be pretty easy to remember to put your ring on when you come home from work, and take it off before going to work.

Seems like it ought to be important enough to remember.


—— ——— ——–  —— ——— ——–  —— ——— ——–  —— ——— ——–

This actually hasn’t been a big issue for us.  He hasn’t worn it in years.  Only occasionally if I bug him about it.

He did wear it when we first got married.  He is a welder.  And they aren’t supposed to wear any jewelry on the job.  Well he did anyway and oh my.  His ring actually got hot and kinda melted into his finger.  It was so gross!  He still has the scar from that.  So of course I don’t want him to wear it to work.  But he’s not always at work now is he?  Wonder if he even knows where his ring is?!

Yesterday I took my ring to the jewelers and had it cleaned and the prongs checked.  I am supposed to do this yearly.  It’s probably been about 3.  I did lose one of the small diamonds on my wrap many years ago.  It fell out.  That’s when they told me I should have them clean it and check it every year.  And they don’t even charge me anything :)

That’s what made me think about it again.  I’ve got all these thoughts flying around in my head about what I want from this relationship. I have no idea what I want anymore.  It’s such a roller coaster ride.

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